The origins of honeywine (mead) predate written history, going back more than 8,000 years. It is the oldest of all fermented beverages. A list of ancient cultures who consumed honeywine include the Celts, Greeks, Romans, Mayans, Etruscans, Hindus, Vikings and Egyptians. It's suspected that, early on, honeywine was reserved for royalty and ceremonial purposes. Later, honeywine became the drink of the common man, especially in the British Isles during the Middle Ages. As civilization grew and trade routes developed, a market driven economy demanded mass production and fewer articles were made at home. The predominant sweetening agent, honey, became more important as a commodity for trade and less for honeywine production. As the value of honey rose, honeywine, once again, became the drink of royalty.

Experimentation with ingredients afforded less expensive alternatives to honey. The substitution of grains led to the creation of beer. Various fruits, especially grapes, became the most dependable fermentation source. Wines from the Mediterranean, with it's longer growing season, became widely available as trade routes flourished. Honeywine sank into an obscurity of ecomonic convenience. But, it can be said that honeywine was the forefather of both wine and beer - for both were born out of variations to the original.

Honeywine held out long enough in the British Isles to be exported to the fledgling United States. It is said that Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson were mead makers. Today, many winemakers include honeywine on their lists. Oddly enough, honeywine is still made by home beer makers as it's production closely parallels beer and can contain a fair amount of hops.

Woodstone Creek makes an unusual number of mead styles including plain sweet or dry, as well as spiced metheglin (herbed honeywine) and pyment (a mix of honeywine and grape varietal). We also make two, higher alcohol, honey dessert wines.

MEAD - A Short History


MEAD - OHIO GOVERNOR'S COMPETITION SILVER, TASTER'S GUILD SILVER. Dryer honeywine. Traditionally served room temperature. Chilling enhances dryness. The general rule of "white with light" need not apply - have with any of your favorites. Cuts the heat of spicy foods. Kosher. Dry 13% alcohol, residual sweetness - 1

TRADITIONAL HONEYWINE - TASTER'S GUILD SILVER. This is the sweetness most expect. Served at room temperature or lightly chilled. Perfect complement to spicy foods. Serve alone, with meals or as a dessert. Kosher. Semi-sweet, 13% alcohol, residual sweetness - 4.5

RASPBERRY HONEY - Pyment. Honeywine blended with a sweet white grape wine and organic red raspberry puree. Serve chilled with white meat, light pasta, cheese, fruit or salad. Excellent base for wine punch. Combine with your favorite mixer to taste, pour over ice in large bowl, add fruit slices and serve. Semi-sweet, 12% alcohol, residual sweetness - 3

BLUEBERRY HONEY - Pyment. Honeywine blended with a off-dry white grape wine and organic blueberry juice. Surprisingly complex. Serve chilled with light snacks, cheese, fruit or salad. 12% alcohol, residual sweetness - 2

POMEGRANATE HONEY - Pyment. Honeywine blended with a off-dry white grape wine and organically grown pomegrante juice. Refreshing and light. Like nothing else you've ever tried. Serve chilled with light snacks, cheese, fruit or salad. 12% alcohol, residual sweetness - 2

HONEY MIST - Pyment. A blend of sweet honeywine and a sweet white grape varietal. Our version of a favorite Irish mead. Serve slightly chilled. White meat, lighter pastas and cheeses. Semi-sweet, 12% alcohol, residual sweetness - 3

TALIESIN - Woodstone exclusive. Aged, dry metheglin (herbal mead). Elizabethan lemon ginger recipe. Lightly oaked. Complex character. Medium body. Serving at room temperature enhances the ginger and honey character. Slight hops. Lightly chilled, the lemon comes forward and is slightly dryer. Can be served as an aperitif. Allow to breathe. White meat or lighter faire suggested. Cuts the heat of spicy, hot foods - Thai, Szechwan, Latin. Or try with smoked fish. Kosher. Dry, 13% alcohol, residual sweetness - 0

GINGER HONEY - Sweeter spiced honeywine. Serve slightly chilled or room temperature. White meat or lighter faire suggested. Interesting enough to stand on it's own - no food required. Kosher. Semi-sweet, 13% alcohol, residual sweetness - 3


LEGACY - INDIANAPOLIS INTERNATIONAL SILVER. Plain honeywine, aged with oaked brandy, port style. Unique to Woodstone Creek. Sweet, 19% ABV, residual sweetness - 9

CROWNE AMBER - INDIANAPOLIS INTL BRONZE, FINGER LAKES INTL BRONZE. Woodstone Creek exclusive and our best selling dessert wine! Spiced honeywine fortified with oaked brandy. Serve like port or over ice. Use as substitute for rum in mixed drinks. Also, add to caramel, chocolate or raspberry sauce over desserts like cheesecake, ice cream or pound cake. Good in coffee drinks. Sweet, 19% ABV, residual sweetness - 9

Note: Not all mead available at all times. If you're traveling far for a special favorite, please call to check availability.