AURORE - Just a touch of oak, this bold hybrid grape was named for the Roman goddess of dawn. Crisp and dry with tart apple notes and fruity nose. Pairs with white meats such as poultry, fish and seafood. Serve chilled. Dry, 12% alcohol, residual sweetness - 0

DIVA - Well-balanced. Perfect party wine. Lovely fruit on the nose. Full bodied. Serving suggestions: white meat, light pasta dishes, seafood, cheese, fruit. Great with a salad. Dry, 12% alcohol, residual sweetness - 0

CHARDONNAY - Minimal oak. Hint of sweetness. Pairs with white meats such as poultry, fish and seafood. Great for "girl talk". Serve chilled. Semi-dry, 12% alcohol, residual sweetness - 1

CONTESSA - Fruity and lightly sweet Pinot Grigio - 2

NIAGARA - Fruity white. Popular native American varietal which flourishes in Ohio's midwestern climate. Serve chilled with white meat, light pasta, seafood, cheese and fruit. Semi-sweet, 12% alcohol, residual sweetness - 4.5

RIESLING - Less assertive Reisling style. Floral nose. Very light and clean. Serve with white meat, fowl, light pasta, seafood, fruit andgreen salads with fruit and nuts. Off dry, 12% alcohol, residual sweetness - .5

HAUT SAUTERNE - Sweeter Sauternes are served with dessert, after dinner and as a between-meal refreshment. Full-bodied, fragrant, high citrus quality. Consider with foie gras, Crème Brulee and blue cheeses, such as Roquefort. Serve chilled. Sweet, 12% alcohol, residual sweetness - 4

VIDAL BLANC - INDY INTERNATIONAL BRONZE MEDAL WINNER. Popular varietal wine. Fruity, floral notes with good balance. Perfect with party foods. Also good with white meat, light pasta dishes, cheese, seafood or fruit. Semi-dry, 12% alcohol, residual sweetness - 3


WINE LIST - Note: Not all wines available at all times. If you're traveling far for a special favorite, please call to check availability.


ROYALE - Full-bodied Syrah. Well-balanced, Barrel aged.. Sandalwood on the nose. Serve with red meat, robust pasta dishes, hardy cheeses and pizza. Dry, 12% alcohol, residual sweetness - 0

RIALTO RED - Our "pizza wine". Lighter red wine blend of Cab Sauv and Merlot with touch of raspberry. Ideal for all your favorite tomato-based Italian dishes, especially pizza. Rich berry overtones. Makes a great starter for a fruited wine punch. Pour into bowl with cold, sliced fruit. Sweeten to taste. Let stand at least thirty minutes before serving. Semi-dry, 12% alcohol, residual sweetness - 3

CABERNET SAUVIGNON - INDIANAPOLIS INTERNATIONAL BRONZE MEDAL WINNER, TASTER'S GUILD GOLD. Barrel-aged in French oak. Dry, 13% alcohol, residual sweetness - 0


EDEN - Apple dessert wine fortified with our own potstilled brandy. Sweet, 14% alcohol.

THREE TREES - Cherry dessert wine. Local fruit, limited production, seasonal availability. Foritifed with our special oaked brandy. Sweet, 16% alcohol.


AMBIANCE - White wine port. TASTER'S GUILD, WINE LOVERS COMPETITION GOLD MEDAL 2005. All Ohio Port of sweet Niagara. Luscious tawny color. 21% alcohol, residual sweetness - 9

LAUREATE - Red wine port. Laureate means "worthy of praise" and this luscious ruby red port lives up to it's name. Meritage blend of Ohio Cab Franc, Cab Sauv and Merlot. Aged in a sherry cask. 21% alcohol, residual sweetness - 9

CHOCOLATE CASANOVA - Riesling ice wine with a touch of milk chocolate. Rich chocolate on the nose, mystifying clear golden hue, full and silky texture. Sweet, 18% alcohol.